24 March 2012 - Glass Lampshades turned to Candle holders

This is another beautiful example of that how old things can be recycled and turned into something special.

24 March 2012 - Quote of the Day

24 March 2012 - Snake born

If you collect plastic eggs or have a lot Kinder egg shells you can prepare this lovely snake easily.

You can also ask your child to help you so it will be a big fun to do it together.

24 March 2012 - Lost Gardens of Heligan (UK)


21 March 2012 - Pebbles with Mosaic

If you are bored with decoupage try to apply mosaics on pebbles. 
Lovely and spectacular gift or decoration to your home.

21 March 2012 - Picture of the Day

So touching!

21 March 2012 - Laces in New Role

If you have some unused embroideries or laces why don't you create a beautiful table runner from them? Stitch them together and you are ready.

21 March 2012 - Newfoundland (Canada)