30 Jan 2012 - Bokod (Hungary)

30 Jan 2012 - Cloudy with a Little Chance of...Cotton balls

If you would like to do an eye catching decoration for your little ones above their beds, you can create this one from a few cotton balls in different colours.

30 Jan 2012 - Drink in different Colours

If you freeze different types of juices, which has different colours you will receive a look like this.

You can put the ice cubes into water or sprite if you like.

30 Jan 2012 - Boy room Features

 Boys always like sporty things in their room.

30 Jan 2012 - Quote of the Day


29 Jan 2012 - Pond in a Mug

If you do not have a possibility to create a pond in your garden, you can easily create one in your room.
Buy some little water plants and place them into a big mug.
Of course there is no guarantee that they will not grow bigger, but for a while you can enjoy this spectacular view.

29 Jan 2012 - Balloon Cones

Create cones from carton and put them under the balloons and the party can start.

29 Jan 2012 - Bora Bora (Tahiti)

29 Jan 2012 - Chocolate Bar

Chocolate again, you can never have enough from it.

You need:

Any type of fruits
Chocolate to melt

How to do it:

1) Fill an ice tray with a melted chocolate and put the fruit into it
2) Put the ready chocolate bar into the freezer for a few hours

29 Jan 2012 - Quote of the Day


28 Jan 2012 - Cuties again

Keep a party for kids can be a fun :)

28 Jan 2012 - Cheese plate

Create a cheese plate for your guests.

You only need chalkboard paint and a plate.

28 Jan 2012 - Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand)

28 Jan 2012 - Birthday Reminder

Create a reminder for the birthdays throughout the year. So nor you and neither your husband will forget the upcoming events from now on.

28 Jan 2012 - Tip for your skin "Citrus"

Scrub your body and refresh it with this Citrus scrub.

You need:

Half cup Olive oil
Half cup Sea salt
1-2 slice Lemon
1-2 slice Orange

How to do it:

1) Put the olive oil and the salt into a blender and mix it well
2) Afterwards slice the orange and the lemon and put them also into the blender
3) And it is ready....


27 Jan 2012 - Flower from Textil

A flower from textile is easy and simple. Do as much as you like. You can put it on your hat or a decoration to your coat.

27 Jan 2012 - Quote of the Day

27 Jan 2012 - Bookmark Monsters

Create bookmarks for your kids and they will love to read with the help of these bookmark monsters.

27 Jan 2012 - Travel today - Swim with Manatees in Florida (USA)

27 Jan 2012 - Delicious Ice Cubes

You can preserve your favourite herbs if you create ice cubes from them. When you need you will have a fresh herb immediately. 
You can also create very spectacular ice cubes, when you freeze berries or flowers. They will look nice in any type of drink.


26 Jan 2012 - Spare cups Anyone?

If you have some spare cups you can create some nice thing from them... 
For example a candle holder as a nice present or a lamp.

26 Jan 2012 - Almond in Cinnamon coat

This is not only yummy but healthy as well...

You need:

3 cup almonds or any other nuts
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1/2 spoon cinnamon

How to do it:

1) In a frying pan combine the sugar, the cinnamon and the water
2) After the above melted a bit put the almonds into the sauce
3) Stir until the sugar crystallised and then put all to a baking paper
4) Serve when it is cooled....

26 Jan 2012 - Travel today - Atlantis resort (Bahamas)

26 Jan 2012 - Miniature Greenhouse

Create your very special greenhouse on a simple way. You need only a plastic bottle and a pot. Now your little plants able to grow until they become strong enough.

26 Jan 2012 - Tip for a beautiful hair "Mayonnaise"

Mayonnaise conditioner for damaged hair

You need:


How to do it:

1) If you hair is dry apply the mayonnaise on your hair and work in well
2) Cover your head with a shower cap and wash it out in 15-20 minutes


25 Jan 2012 - Hang on a Tree

Be unique and hang your curtains on to a tree branch.

25 Jan 2012 - Chocolate cups

Create these chocolate cups for parties and you will be the favourite of everyone.

You only need some balloons, chocolate to melt and half an hour.

Be careful with those who has latex allergy.

25 Jan 2012 - Travel today - Suluban Beach, Uluwatu, Bali (Indonesia)

25 Jan 2012 - Herbs to Name

Paint your pots with a chalkboard paint and you can give name your herbs immediately.

25 Jan 2012 - Quote of the Day


24 Jan 2012 - Pallets can be used for Everything

Use pallets for everything and create furniture or shelf from them.. Use your imagination...

24 Jan 2012 - Zucchini Boats

This is a very good Italian side dish...

You need:

Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Bread crumb
Cheese (Mozzarella or Parmesan, or your favourite)

How to do it:

1) Cut the zucchinis into half and scoop out the centre with seeds
2) Brush the surface inside with the mixture of smashed garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper
3) Half the tomatoes and put them into the Zucchini boats and sprinkle it with bread crumbs
4) Bake it for 30 minutes and put cheese onto it until it melts

24 Jan 2012 - Quote of the Day

24 Jan 2012 - Keep the Zoo together

Organise teddies and other animals together and they will need less space in your kids room.

24 Jan 2012 - Travel today - Tongariro National Park (New Zealand)


23 Jan 2012 - Bloom your Room

Wonderful decoration with paper flowers....

23 Jan 2012 - New way of Potatoes

This new way of baked potato is able to cheer you up.

You need:

Olive oil

How to do it:

1) Slice the potatoes all the way down, but be careful as the slices should be attached at the bottom
2) Sprinkle the potatoes with olive oil and the seasoning you like the most
3) Bake them for 40 minutes and you are ready to eat

23 Jan 2012 - Travel today - Thor's Well in Cape Perpetua in Oregon (USA)

23 Jan 2012 - Blankets Folded

If you fold your blankets into one of the pillowcases you never need to look for the pieces again in your wardrobe.