28 June 2012 - Garden in the Drawer

Source: stampington.com

New use of an old drawer. If you plant succulents in an old drawer it will look so nice that you would like to do more and more of them...

28 June 2012 - Quote of the Day

28 June 2012 - Painting Dots

Source: thelilhousethatcould.com

I bet you would not guess it what this painting stencil is from...

It is an old laundry basket, which is still good to use for a totally different thing. Paint beautiful little dots with it.

28 June 2012 - Swallow's Nest Castle, Yalta (Ukraine)


27 June 2012 - Grape Caterpillars

Source: princessandthefrogblog.blogspot.com

Yummy little caterpillars from grapes for kids party. The eyes are from chocolate frosting:)

I do not think somebody can deny them.

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27 June 2012 - What to do with a Chair back?

Source: bhg.com

Old chair back can be transformed to towel holder in the bathroom. If you are lucky enough, you can easily store some bottles at the top as well.

27 June 2012 - Isla De Gigantes Islands Carles, Iloilo (Philippines)


22 June 2012 - Expansive Herbs

I love herbs really much, but those herbs, which like to expand aggressively always cause me problems.

I think it would be useful to try out this idea:
Dig some planters to the ground and plant the herbs into them. This way the herbs will be able to grow as big as the planter is.

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22 June 2012 - Sparkling Tea light

Source: nordichouse.co.uk

Add special feature to your simple tea light product. You can buy beautiful rhinestones in any hobby shop and glue them on.

Simple, easy and beautiful!

22 June 2012 - Rock Pools, Canadian Mountains (Canada)


21 June 2012 - How to Hide your Router

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

I do not really like if different types of electronic devices are in front of me. So that is why I like this idea so much.

Hide your router in an old book, so it will be not so embarrassing:)

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21 June 2012 - Dress up an Empty Frame

Dressing up an empty frame like this with flowers can add a special touch to your home.

21 June 2012 - Dorset Coast (England)


20 June 2012 - How to do a Pendant Lightning

20 June 2012 - Quote of the Day

20 June 2012 - Duplex for Raspberries

I love raspberries, but I had lots of problem with them in my garden. Now I found this good idea and a good solution how to grow my raspberries on a more beautiful and organised way.

On the picture it is not so visible but there are stings between the two ends, which keep the bushes standing.

20 June 2012 - Bovec, Soča River (Slovenia)


19 June 2012 - Cheese covered with Basil leaf

Source: roselinelphoto.deviantart.com

Yum... Simple and looks good and it is super easy as well.

A cheese covered with basil leaf is enough to wake up your hunger and enjoy life:)

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19 June 2012 - Blue Acorns

Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

Blue acorns adds flavour to your room as a special decoration.

Collect some acorns in the forest and than paint them to any colour you like.

19 June 2012 - Sintra (Portugal)


15 June 2012 - Cucumber Bites

Source: annies-eats.com

Easy to make and fall in love with it:)

What you need:

Cream cheese (or garlic flavoured cream cheese)

How to do it:

1) Press the garlic into the cream cheese and mix them well
2) Cut the cucumbers and and peel them partially. Cut them into slices and scoop out the middle of them, but do not forget to keep a little part at the bottom so the filling will not fall out
3) Put the filling into a decoration pastry bag
4) Fill the cucumbers and you are ready

15 June 2012 - Quote of the Day

15 June 2012 - Maroccan Style Bedroom

Source: houseandhome.com

Lovely Maroccan style spice up your home....

15 June 2012 - Cairo (Egypt)


08 June 2012 - Love is in the Air

It is always good to know when your love loves you.

Frame a fabric with a print on it "I love you because...". Put a glass in the frame and keep somewhere near a washable pen.

If you have something about, which you would like to be thankful to your husband or wife just write a quick note and delight his or her day.

Have a good fun!

08 June 2012 - Quote of the Day

08 June 2012 - Garden sign

Keep a track to not forget what you plant:)

08 June 2012 - Path Rainbow Bridge (China)


07 June 2012 - Peach sorbet

Do your friends come to visit you unexpectedly? It is always good if you have some ice cream sorbet at home especially during summer.

Form nice balls from the sorbet and put some leaves to the top to reflect a real peach. Isn't it perfect?:)

07 June 2012 - Quote of the Day

07 June 2012 - Match box as a Gift Wrap

The world can be packed into a match box and to its top.

If you would like to prepare a spectacular gift box for something really small and precious, create this beautiful little box from match box.