01 Jan 2012 - Wine bottle lamp

Great gift and decoration for romantic evenings.

You need:

Empty wine bottle
Christmas lights
Glass cutting bit
Stone coaster (to give weight to the bottom)

Tips and tricks: 
1) if you do not have a cutting bit, you can lead out the lights at the top of the bottle (this solution will not result in such a pretty look)
2) if you do not have a stone coaster, you can put some sand inside to the bottle


1) Drill a small hole at the back of the bottle (take care for your eyes)
2) Put the lights through the whole into the bottle
3) Glue the stone coaster to the bottom of the bottle, it is necessary to avoid the bottle to lean and prevent the bottom from overheating
4) Decorate the bottle with your favourite motive
..... and then you are ready, enjoy it!

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