27 Dec 2011 - Clementine Therapy Candle

Have you ever dreamt of lying in an orange forest? If you try this it is guaranteed that you will feel like if an orange forest grown in your bedroom.
Not easy to prepare it but it worth the hassle...

You need:

1 clementine
olive oil
1 sharp knife
many matches or a lighter

Good to know:
1) The though part is making the "wick" to light (that is why you need many matches)
2) You need a really nice clementine, which has a "flesh" sticking up in the middle, which you can soak to the olive oil. Note: if the clementine has no "flesh" or you rip it, you need to get another one

It's burning time around one hour.

Steps to do:

1) cut the clementine in half but be careful, you need to cut only the skin
2) remove the skin from both parts carefully, one of the parts will contain the "wick", the other half will cover the "candle"
3) cut a motive into the part without the "wick" for example a nice star as above (this hole will allow the heat and flame to escape)
4) take the olive oil and pour a small amount in the clementine with the "wick"
5) take the matches or a lighter and hold it to the "wick" (as it still fresh, the light need to dry it out and let it soak the oil)
6) if the "wick" stays lit, put the other half on it and you are READY!

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