20 Febr 2012 - Parmesan Lollies

Try this lovely food and you will eat this rather than sugar lollies in the future.

You need:

50 gram Parmesan cheese
Herbs as per your choise (basil, savory, pepper etc.)
Wood peaks
How to do it:

1) Soak wooden stick into the water, so you can prevent them from become black during the baking
2) Mix grated Parmesan cheese with herbs
3) Put a baking sheet into a pan and sprinkle the parmesan cheese mix on to it in a circle motive (the parmesan should be 2-3 milimeter deep)
4) Put the wooden sticks into the middle of the circle and sprinkle the top of it with little parmesan mix
5) Put the little lollies into the oven for 4 minutes until it is getting to bubble (do not let them to be brown)
6)  Let them to cool a bit and then you can remove them from the baking sheet
7) You are ready!

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