05 Febr 2012 - Keep a day off with your Loved one

Would you like to spend some time with your loved one without your kids but you do not have any time for it?
Here is the solution for the problem...

At the beginning of the year try to imagine what would you do if you have 12 chances to do anything you would like.
Your partner has 6 chances and also you have 6 as well.

From the 6 chances there should be some, which is free of charge, low cost in value and high in value. Some of them can done local, for some you need to go away. If you are able, you can book them in advance and put it to the envelope.

Close the envelopes and on the first day of every month open it together and fix the date if it is not already fixed.

Now you are able to plan ahead and do something together. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Some examples: dinner, walk in the mountains, movie night

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